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Model:JY-13 Powder Packing System
Suit for: OPP/CPP, CPP/PE, MST/PE and other types of heat sealing film.
The touch-sensitive screen can display the state of machine, operation in struction and the state of breakdown in either Chinese and English, easy operation.
It has a compact structure and every component has been made carefully, and the touching part of material are made by stainless steel.
For guaranteeing stable ling-term operation of the machine, electrical equipments and pneumatic equipments are all made by famous manufacturers of the world.
The date printer has an alarming equipment of no ink belt, without escaping printing.
Grain, strip and slice materials such as expanded food, shrimp cracker, candies, peanuts and popcorns.
Package for grain materials such as rice, salt, jelly, mung bean oatmeal and laundry powder.
The design of this machine is reasonable and elaborate. Its performance is stable and it is easy to handle. It can cut the edge of every single bag or every several joint bags according to specific requirement. All proceedings of feeding, measure, bag-making, date printing, filling, puffing, sealing, cutting and outputting finished products are finished automatically.
Packaging speed: 5-60bag/min
Bag making size: (L)50-300mm (W)60-200mm
Bag making type: pillow bag, vertical bag and make hole equipment (need to add extra money)
Filling range: 150-1300ml
Max packaging film width: 440mm
Film thickness: 0.04-0.08mm
Air consumption: 200L/min
Total power/ voltage: 2.2KW/220V, 50-60HZ
Outside size: 1400X970X1600mm
Gross weight: 400kg
1、 Free spare parts
Item Specification Q.T.Y
Horizontal heating piece 220W/55V AC 4PC
Vertical heating piece / 2PC
Film driving synchronous belt T10-560-18 1PC
High temperature belt / 1PC
Printing word granule Combined with the printing unit 1BOX
T shape cutting knife / 1PC
2、 Free tools
Item Specification Q.T.Y
Inner 6-angle spanner 4-14mm 1set
Open spanner 12-14 1set
Copper blush / 1pc
Active spanner / 1pc
“一” screw knife / 1pc
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