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Model:JY-50A Paint Dispensing Equipment Combinted
Technical data :
1 set manual paint dispenser
1 set JY-30A paint mixer
1 shelf to house paint dispenser and mixer
1 set computer used to choose formula
Case size: 1505(H)×1528(W)×855(D)mm
Packing size:canister size:425(H)×950(W)×950(D)mm
      main case size:1195(H)×1440(W)×800(D)mm
Combiation of manual dispensing system is widely used in on-the-spot dispensing by paint shop.JY-50 series not only has good appearance but also high accuracy and less troubie,With very low price,JY-50 Servesis is popularized in Chinese paint factory shop.
Scope of application:
A、 Paint retailer
B、 colorant lab
C、 The figuratively monopolized shop
Superiority of JY-50 series:
Dispense colorant quickly and steadily.
Improve competition ability.
A、 Offer more satisfactory choices to the customer.
B、 Increase sales volume.
C、 Ensure delivery time.
D、 Save raw materials.
E、 Reduce accumulate funds.
Enhance image of the company.
Coordinate paint-selling method with the international general mode.
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