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The meaning of multiple feeding
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Generally, the combination weigher has a maximum weighing range for a single weighing. If the target weight exceeds this range, you need to use this multiple discharge function.

For example, the single maximum weighing of a 10-head combination weigher is 1KG, and you want to weigh a product of 1.5KG, so you have to set the machine to discharge twice. It is to weigh a product of 0.75KG each time.

The combination weigher will give a signal to the packaging machine after placing the material twice, so that the packaging machine will only pull the film, seal and cut the bag once, and there will be no phenomenon that only half of the product is packaged.

If you want to weigh a 3KG product, then you have to set the machine to discharge the product three times.Each time you weigh a 1KG product, the combination weigher also puts the material three times before giving a signal packaging machine, and the packaging machine also makes a bag once.

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