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On the packaging industry in the printing industry has huge business opportunities
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News: The printing industry had not changed much for 500 years. But now everything is changing drastically. These changes are especially obvious in the packaging and printing industry, and the industry’s new technologies, new markets, and new competitors make people wonder: Who will be printing packaging products in the future, and what will they be printing?
Packaging has huge business opportunities in the printing market, and compared with most commercial printing fields, packaging printing has grown steadily at a rate of about 5% every year. It is no wonder that packaging printing is considered to be the savior of many commercial printers who have lost the battle in fierce competition, and it is also regarded as a safe bet to further develop the established packaging manufacturing industry.
However, for commercial printers who desperately need more work and more compensation, is packaging really a simple solution?
Of course, he is indeed a huge business opportunity. Obviously because of such a huge scale, it is difficult for research organizations, private companies and governments around the world to have a consistent consensus on the scale of the global packaging market. The estimated quantity gap can reach up to 50%. The reason for the gap is often due to differences in the methods used to define what is a real packaged product.
But according to Pira International Ltd, which recently published one of the most comprehensive research on packaging printing since its inception, its survey pointed out that in 2005 the global packaging market (excluding labels) had a market value of US$477 billion. The global label market is also difficult to predict, because the label industry tends to calculate its market share based on the number of square meters converted rather than the amount. However, according to an average estimate, the total label market value is about 70 billion US dollars. At the same time, packaging is indeed growing, which is absolutely certain. Since 2004, the annual growth rate of the global market has reached 4.3%. By 2011, the average growth rate can even be expected to increase to about 5%, but these are only average data, and the growth rate of certain regions (such as China, India and some Eastern European countries) is expected to exceed 100%.
This is undoubtedly great news for the printing industry eager to expand, because the packaging industry is mainly a printing-related industry. Packaging consumption is growing rapidly and will continue to grow, and the demand for printing services will also grow rapidly.
An increase of 15 billion US dollars per year
The survey conducted on the global packaging and printing market confirmed this data. In 2005, the packaging and printing output value created globally reached US$216 billion. Such a healthy market is expected to reach US$291 billion in 2011, with an annual growth rate of over 5%. The above amount still does not include the label. If the label printing market is taken into consideration, the global packaging and printing industry value this year may be around US$300 billion, and it will increase by US$15 billion next year.
This is good news
The good news is that these hundreds of billions of dollars are not easily accessible to anyone! So far, packaging printing is the most competitive printing industry you want to enter.
First of all, these seemingly bright growth data are unlikely to appear in Europe or the United States. Although the European market is huge, actual surveys show that this is also the packaging market with the slowest progress in the world in the following decades. And European printers will also try to maintain their market share in a fiercely competitive environment.
Therefore, actual growth opportunities will appear in other regions. Mainly those areas with the fastest growth in gross domestic product (GDP). In order to quickly grasp the huge business opportunities, you may have to go there in person.
But if you want to obtain interesting new opportunities and have the potential for substantial growth, you may have a better future in mature markets, such as Europe or the United States.
Packaging consumption is directly related to GDP per capita, and the role of emerging markets in the global economy continues to change at an alarming rate. According to a report in The Economist magazine, joint production in emerging economies now accounts for more than half of global GDP. At the same time, according to the World Bank (TheWorldBank), China's per capita GDP has nearly tripled in the past ten years. A large amount of information also predicts that in the next 10-15 years, the GDP of some parts of India will have an amazing performance.
It takes a lot of courage, foresight, knowledge and capital to enter a market and continue to defend the market share, but it is not an impossible task. If you can start from scratch, the chance of success is greater, because you will not be constrained by some inappropriate and unchangeable (not yet paid) production technology, which is of course the advantage of the packaging industry with rapid technological changes.
Psychologically, of course you should start from the beginning or restart your packaging printing.
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